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Urt Pressure Vessel Tanks
air tanks

Our Compressed Air tanks  produce low and high pressure  from 1 lt to 100,000 lt in accordance with PED 2014/68 / EU and 2014/29 / EU   standards in line with customer demands As Urt Engineering , it aims at customer satisfaction by working with stocks in air tank manufacturing. It has international experience in air tank production and manufacturing. Our company is also subject to ISO 9001: 2008 quality management system

Air tanks balance the air pressure in the system and store the air for future uses. Air tank is one of the main products that compensate for pressure fluctuations that may occur at the compressor outlet. These products, which keep the air pressure constant, also store the required amount of air in case there is a sudden demand for air exceeding the compressor capacity in the system. Another benefit of the air tanks is that they condense the humidity in the air. The water accumulated in the air tank during this process is discharged through the discharge apparatus. Thanks to these tanks, air in the system becomes dry.

The capacity of the air tank is determined depending on the compressor capacity and the air demand. These tanks should be compatible with necessary accessories such as safety valves, relief valves and manometers. If these tanks are to be used in a humid and corrosive place, their durability should be increased by applying a double layer primer during production. It is beneficial to position the air tanks in places where the ambient temperature is low.

MIT Air tanks are manufactured as high-quality products in accordance with the legislation. Our air tanks, which are extremely easy to install, use, maintain and clean, are produced in sizes and capacities that fits the needs of your project.